The Red River Mutual Trail

The Red River Mutual Trail

Well, it's happened folks. Spring is finally in the air here in Winnipeg. Today I heard Canada Geese flying overhead and smelled that tell-tale wet grass scent. Luke got a brand new pair of rubber boots, and Eve a new pair of splash pants. We're ready to spend the upcoming weekend plowing through puddles and enjoying the snow melting temperatures. It feels sooooooooo sweet.

Winnipeg gets a bad rap in the winter because of how extremely cold it gets. We suffer through long stretches of severe weather some years. This year February was rough, with most of it being well over -30 C even mid-day. That can keep even the hardiest or most determined of us indoors. When the weather lets up a bit we tend to make up for lost time though.

One of the best ways to experience Winnipeg in the winter is by skating the Red River Mutual Trail.  This icy 6.1 km skating trail holds the Guinness World Record for the longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world! If you have the opportunity to visit, you won't be disappointed. Winnipeg prides itself in this trail, which is well groomed and lined with archetecturaly creative warming shacks and a wealth of photo opportunities. There's even a restaurant set up right on the river for a couple weeks each year, a truly Canadian way to celebrate the season of ice and snow. 

We are lucky to live in a neighbourhood which runs along the river, so down the bank we pulled our sled and skates to enjoy the last weekend of skating on the trail. The weather was just above freezing and the sun was out. It was the perfect way to spend the day together.

So, here are a few photos of our last winter day of the year (well, until November that is). 

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