Spring Migration at Fort Whyte

Spring Migration at Fort Whyte

Spring migration has begun, and there are few better places to experience it than at FortWhyte Alive, so we decided to spend our Saturday there soaking it all in. It's so wonderful to witness the seasons change. Another new beginning rolls in with the coming of spring, singled first by the "honk! honk!" of Canada Geese flying overhead. 

Fort Whyte is actually located on an old industrial mining site which was rendered useless when excessive flood waters of the 1950's filled in the quarries. The result of the flooding was a series of small lakes which began to attract wildlife, and inspired work by the The Manitoba Wildlife Federation to preserve the area. By the early 1980's the Fort Whyte Foundation was established, providing trails which allow visitors to explore the wetland, forrest and grassland areas. It's a fantastic spot to further your prarie education both historically and environmentally. 

I took along the "good" camera and I'm sure glad I did! The whole day was pretty perfect. Just the kind of day together as a family that I want to remember, always. 

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There were surprisingly few visitors on the trails in the afternoon, so we were able to hang out in the Saturn Family Treehouse and enjoy a snack and the view of the flocking geese and grazing bison. You'll notice Todd and I are actually in a few of these photos, and guess who took them? Luke! He actually took a few of the photos in this post, and to be honest, I think you can't even tell. I let him know that he's officially now my sidekick and photographer number two.

We always have fun crawling through long grass, wading through puddles and wandering through forested paths. It can be a bit of a pain to get ready and get going, but once we're out there it's all good. Todd had the great idea of showing the kids how to unfurl cattails. That was a MAJOR hit. We're looking forward to visiting again in a few months to see all the grasses turn green and to go critter dipping in the marsh.

The whole day got a big "best day ever" rating from Luke, who at the age of 9 usually would rather be playing Minecraft than anything else. I hope that these days together are fostering a life long relationship with nature for our kids, and an understanding of how being outside is so healing for the mind and body. There is absolutely nothing in this world that is better for a family than just getting out there and finding ways to play and learn outdoors. Sometimes all you need to restore harmony is a good healthy dose of sunlight and fresh air. 

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fortwhyte alive 

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WEBSITE  www.fortwhyte.org

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