Beat the Winter Blues : Embrace the Cold


There's not much you can do about it, so why not embrace it? I heard somewhere that the best way to deal with feeling extremely cold is to try relax your body as much as possible. You know what? It really does work. There were many nights this winter when the windchill brought the temperature into the -40 C ( this is also read as -40 F) range. A person would go crazy if they hid inside for months on end, so we all just go about our business as usual. Ya gotta keep trucking.


There are more fun ways to enjoy the winter than running from car to building in the blinding cold. How about running from a dry, hot sauna into a warm pool? That's precisely what I did on the weekend, along with my sister in laws. January saw the opening of Thermea by Nordik Spa - Nature. Their thermal experience includes the use of 1 dry sauna, 2 steam saunas (eucalyptus and orange) 1 polar pool, a temperate and hot pool, as well as several serene relaxation areas. The circuit goes as follows.

  1. Warm up in the sauna or steam bath for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Do a quick pass under the cold waterfall or take a dip in the cold or temperate pool for a few seconds.
  3. Rest fifteen minutes in one of their relaxation areas, outside or inside.

Can you guess which step made me swear like a sailor?

Besides a bit of self inflicted, momentary icy water torture, we loved our Thermea experience so much we hung out for over 6 hours! Nestled in a secluded yet very central part of the city, it was easy to envision that I was on a mini vacation. I'm telling you, if you're visiting Winnipeg, put Thermea on your to-do list. It'll almost make you like winter, I promise!

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