Off to New York


New York, New York. Todd and I visited Manhattan on a short trip over a decade ago, and although I was technically there, I don't feel like I really experienced much. Maybe it was just overwhelming at the time. It was January, and almost as bleak and cold as it was back in Winnipeg. We hadn't traveled very much yet and went into the city unprepared, stumbled around Times Square and went to an off (off) Broadway play about the Afterlife of Freddy Mercury. We stood at the top of the Empire State Building and visited the American Museum of Natural History. We rode the subway successfully but were ripped off by two cabbies. We went to a horror convention and a hockey game in Newark, where we called cabs to return us to our hotel and had them stollen from us several times until I began to cry. The closest we got to Central Park was hopping off the bus to see the Imagine tribute to John Lennon . I'm sure I ate food, but I can't remember where. I do remember stress though. At some point we had pictures, but they were lost on an old hard drive and the memory is really starting to escape me. It wasn't my favourite travel memory, but I did learn a few lessons about researching a city before you visit for the first time.

At the start of this year we received some very exciting news. Through some incredible set of circumstances, we've been invited to come to NYC, as a family! We'll be working with a production company in Manhattan during the week, and couldn't resist the opportunity to add a few extra days onto our stay to tour around. This is going to be a very special trip for so many reasons. I think this will be our chance to see the city with fresh eyes, and from a few different perspectives. 

In order to get things ready, I'll be away from the blog until after Easter. If you're curious about what it's like to tour Manhattan (and a bit of Brooklyn) with kids during Spring Break, I'll be Instagramming my butt off (while watching not to get run over by a cab, or a bus, or a crowd crossing the street). Find us there @luneblog

I hope to have some fun stories and pretty pictures to share with you all here on our return! Thanks for reading!

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