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Adventures in Reality TV : NYC

Hey, long time no see! We're back from our fling with New York City, and I have the photos to prove it! It was one of the most non-stop exciting and exhausting weeks we've had in a very long time. Days later, I still can't seem to catch up on sleep and I really can't blame the flights. It's just the city. If you're not used to the pace, it's bound to take a toll on you. That said, we returned with more memories and stories than you'd think would be possible to accumulate in just 5 days. I took over 700 photos during that time, the majority over a 3 day span. Everywhere you look is a photo op. The city was really good to us.

As I mentioned before, the purpose of our trip to Manhattan was to be taped for the pilot episode of a new reality series based on bad travel experiences. Todd, me, the kids and my parents were all flown down from our home in Winnipeg, Canada to take part in some interviews. When we were invited I arranged to extend our stay by a few days so we could tour around a bit. This itinerary had us taping for the first two days and sight seeing for the remaining time. 

Our flight from Winnipeg to NYC stopped over in Toronto so although the individual flights were pretty short, customs and a bit of a wait in between connections meant that we spent the whole day traveling. The kids did ok, as well as can be expected while waiting 45 minutes to get through a confusingly set up customs area at the Toronto airport. I'll never get completely used to air travel. The whole process is so stressful, especially with kids in tow. I was so glad to get to our hotel in Chelsea, Manhattan. Our call was for just after 9 the next morning, so we did a little bit of exploring to get some provisions and crashed for the night. 

The next day we worked. Well, in some ways it was more of an adventure than work, but it did take up the entire day for Todd and I. We met some really awesome people and got a behind the scenes look at how reality shows are made. Luke and Eve came for their interviews in the afternoon, but during the day they visited the Statue of Liberty with my mom and dad. 

When I was Eve's age I did some catalogue modelling on and off until I was about Luke's age. It wasn't a very regular thing, but I remember it pretty vividly. I believe I rocked some pretty sweet 80's corduroy outfits. The best thing about this present opportunity was the chance to make some unique memories for my kids. I was talking with a friend today about how the brain builds pathways and makes connections based on experiences, and how important it is to help kids get those chances to try new things. The production crew was so positive and friendly, they made sure Eve and Luke had fun. I know Luke will remember this time in his life, and although Eve is young, I'm sure it'll make an impression on her too. If we're lucky, we'll have a whole completed episode to remember it by!

For me, it almost seems like a dream. Too crazy and unbelievable to be true. This sure is shaping up to be quite an adventurous year!

Up next, a look at our time touring Manhattan and a bit of Brooklyn during Spring Break, with kids!

Walking around Manhattan

Off to New York