How Blogging Kicked Boredom's Ass

"Only Boring People Are Bored"

You've heard that one before right? It feels annoying to have that thrown your way, but you have to admit it's pretty logical. Boredom is a choice that we make to not solve our problem, but to dwell and stew in it. I know all about it, because for a good part of my early 20's I acted as if I didn't have any control over how exciting my life was (or wasn't). I commonly found myself feeling bored, uninspired, un-entertained, lethargic, and all over blah. That inevitably led to a period in my life that seems to have just disappeared from my memory. It was just so damn DULL that my recall function must have deemed it too boring to waste memory space on. It's a shame really.

After the birth of our first child Luke in 2005, I began to suspect that I was verging on becoming depressed. I had gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy and didn't feel like leaving the house, never mind pushing myself into a new hobby. The first steps came slow at first. I spent 6 months getting healthy again. After that, I decided to start selling some of the vintage and handmade items I had been collecting over the years and Lune Vintage was born. Becoming a vendor became a hobby, and when I was occupied setting up for a sale or reorganizing my retail space I felt energized and engrossed in what I was doing. It was GREAT! My small business filled my free time and I was rarely bored. When I wasn't actively working on it, I'd be thinking about it, planning for it and dreaming about it. I started blogging casually to promote the business, both to advertise it and to record the journey I was on. It was a good time in my life. I learned a lot and had so much fun!

When my daughter Eve Moon came into the family in 2011, we felt whole. My business on the other hand took a hit. I couldn't commit the same amount of time, financial support and energy into it anymore. I worked at going mobile and enjoyed selling at festivals but before I'd know it, the summer would be done and I'd be in a funk for the long winter ahead. Feeling that part of me fall away, that part I identified with and measured myself against, was defeating. Again I began to revert back into the pattern of same days. I adore being a mother, and these kids of mine are the loves of my life! That said, I still needed to feel productive and creative outside of the realm of parenthood. I wanted to be making SOMETHING special. My family asked why i wasn't blogging much anymore. I didn't know how to continue with it when my entire inspiration for starting a blog in the first place had been so marginalized. I felt like a fake, and was considering shutting it all down.

I couldn't just let it die

It was something I had started strong with and loved once. I just needed to look at the act of blogging from a new perspective, one that fit who I was and where I was going. Where I wanted to go was toward excitement, adventure, awe inspiringly beautiful places that would bring tears to my eyes, expand my mind and make me feel so lucky that I was Right Here Now! I wanted it all, and I wouldn't be happy unless I had my family right beside me. I NEVER wanted to utter the phrase "I'm bored . . ." again!

I decided that I would make my own adventure, and the Lune Vintage blog would simply become the Lune Blog, a record of a new journey, although I wasn't sure of what that would be. The shift started with a trip we took to the Mayan Riviera. Just before we left, I switched the blog from it's original blogspot address to Squarespace. The move shook things up. I lost a chunk of traffic I had built up on the old blog, where I had surpassed 1 million page views and was averaging close to 100,000 views a month. I never recovered from that shift, although over time those stats are rising, and I know I'm connecting with readers on a totally different level. I knew the risks, but to me it wasn't a sacrifice at all. Leaving the DIY, Lifestyle kind of blogging sphere was what I naturally had to do to make the whole process of blogging useful again. Man, I'm so glad I did it because something special started to happen that I never really expected.

recording the past inspired the future

I was fully aware of how rewarding it can be to record & preserve the past through blogging. What I wasn't expecting was how blogging about one adventure would begin to propel me forward from that fulfilling moment to the next! It became addictive, planning something fun for us to experience together, practicing my photography skills while capturing the action, sitting down to record it through writing a post, and pulling it all together to be published on the blog. I think if I wasn't already interested in photography and writing, this might seem like a ridiculously drawn out process. For me, it became my most loved hobby and destroyed any shred of boredom. Blogging has taken on a new meaning these days. It has evolved into an ongoing challenge to myself as a both a creative person and a parent. I hear that challenge every weekend, and in planning for the coming season. Now it seems that the days are so full with so much to look forward to, there is hardly enough room for it all. Once an adventure is seen through to the end, there is always another on the horizon. The momentum is undeniable.

If we were to only record and blog about big vacations, this would be a pretty quiet place. Instead, I am focused on filling those WOW moments with wonder moments. What can we learn about where we live? How can I share this world we already know in a new and fascinating way for both my family and for readers who aren't familiar with our part of Canada? And in between those times, how can I push myself past journaling OUR adventures and contribute meaningfully to the lives of our readers? These are the goals I've set for what we now call Lune Travels. It isn't always 100% easy to pursue a venture like this one, but it is always enjoyable and it's NEVER dull. That's why, in my opinion, blogging totally kicks boredom's ass!

Luke totally gets it.

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