Our Hidden Garden AirBnb in LA

Our Hidden Garden AirBnb in LA

I've always loved seeing other peoples homes. These days we can get our fix through sites like pinterest, but there's nothing quite like an in person tour. I know it's not within everyones comfort zone to stay in a strangers home, but keep your mind open. So far we've booked Airbnb's that offer the most privacy, and the run of the whole home or apartment. After the first few minutes exploring the new space, you'd be surprised how quickly a rental can feel like home away from home. I find it really adds to the experience of visiting a new city. We always feel a bit less touristy while playing pretend neighbour for a few days.

Here are a few photos from a cozy California bungalow we stayed in LA, close to Venice beach. Although it was on a busy street, the parking was free and easy, and as you can see, the property was set up like a little garden oasis! Just check out the adorable front gate!

In warm climates it's pretty essential to have outdoor spaces to enjoy and relax in. This particular rental had two! One lush patio garden out front, accessible by french doors off the open concept living and kitchen space. The other, a back yard deck with access from both bedrooms. Costal California blew me away with it's gorgeous flowers, broad leaf plants and succulents. The bright happy colors from the garden continued inside with vibrant painted walls and potted plants. 

Our hostess had left some really helpful information about the neighbourhood. We took up some suggestions on places to pick up groceries and take out. Tacomiendo had ridiculously good and plentyful mexican takeout food. We never would have discovered it on our own since it was just a modest little place, but wow, what a good deal on great grub! The supermarket suggestion was good too. It was fun for us Canadians to wander around a grocery store with serious Mexican flavour! The best selection of piñatas and Jarritos I've ever seen! Never mind, A fresh salsa bar!!! 

A short drive away we visited Venice beach to watch the surfers then enjoyed the sunset and dinner. We had a great experience in the neighbourhood and once again, we have Airbnb to thank for making our vacation extra special and full of small wonderful discoveries.

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