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Warming up to Winter

Warming up to Winter

It's been such a strange winter this year. Way warmer than normal, and it's really throwing me off. I keep feeling like with above freezing temperatures, Spring must be just around the corner. The anticipation is killing me! 

Just kidding. We can't complain about having the kind of winter that's easy to enjoy. In a few weeks our travels will start up again. We're going to be road-tripping through the Canadian Rockies, staying in Banff and Kelowna B.C. After that, it won't be long until camp season gets going and all the fun that summer brings. But for now, here is what we've been up to this winter!

Preparing to ski on a world class mountain like Big White has been fun. Living on the prairies you wouldn't think we'd have any options, but little hills like Falcon Ridge are just right for us. I feel fairly confidant that I'll be able to manage the bunny hill on a real mountain soon. 

Overlooking Lake of The Woods at sundown.

Overlooking Lake of The Woods at sundown.

Todd and I got away for Valentines day on a mini road-trip to Kenora, Ontario. We stayed in a midcentury designed hotel with giant windows overlooking the frozen lake, ate in an old firehall turned brewery, and totally chilled out. Literally. It was freezing so our plans to ski at Mount Evergreen turned into a slow, snowy, blustery drive home. Oh well, it was a great weekend either way.

You can't enjoy winter in Winnipeg without pulling on skates and cruising down the longest river skating trail in the world (according to The Guinness Book of World Records). The Red River Mutual Trail can be accessed from the Forks Heritage site where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet. We like to climb down the bank in our neighbourhood and put our skates on in one of the warming huts that line the groomed trail. I love the creative designs of the shelters, and that ones from past years are still being used as well. It's becoming quite the attraction! 

Ever year our city celebrates winter more. There is so much to look forward to! A new attraction for this year, The Great Ice Show, is drawing in crowds with world class ice sculptures, an ice replica of Winnipeg's Legislative building complete with ice slide, and a cool Ice Bar.

This Friday we visited the 47th Festival Du Voyageur for an evening of good music, black smithing, foot stomping, snow sculptures, sliding, bonfires, cider, poutine and beaver tails. This festival is a Winnipeg classic. Hey Ho!

Thinking of visiting Winnipeg in January or February? Come dressed to enjoy a REAL winter and check out some of the places mentioned in this post!

Festival du Voyageur

The Great Ice Show

The Forks Red River Mutual Trail

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