Relaxation, Luxury & History in French Lick, Indiana

Relaxation, Luxury & History in French Lick, Indiana

Have you ever visited a place without really knowing what to expect when you arrived? This is very much how I felt when we were presented with the opportunity to spend a couple days in Indiana at French Lick Springs Resort. I did the usual google search, checked out the images, read some reviews and learned that basketball legend Larry Bird called the tiny Indiana town home. All I knew for sure was that there was some history to this resort and that our stay there would be a bit of an unexpected adventure. The result was a short but completely wonderful few days in the mid-west!

We flew into Louisville, Kentucky just in time to see all the ladies toting their hat boxes through the terminals, on their way to the Kentucky Derby. We had other plans, which included an hour and a half commute through the lush green, southern Indiana countryside. Oh yes, it was lush indeed!

We arrived late afternoon, just in time to catch warm rays of sunshine streaming through the tall old windows of our stately guest room. The view outside was verdant and lovely. I resisted the urge to just throw myself on the plush king sized bed for a nap. Instead I grabbed my trusty walk-all-day Birkenstocks and my camera. There was too much to explore! 

Established in 1845, French Lick Springs is steeped in American history. That's made clear from the moment you arrive. The floors feature Italian mosaic tiles. Marble columns support lofty ceilings lavishly decorated with frescos & gilded mouldings. Crystal chandeliers sparkle overhead.

We discovered bits of history everywhere we went here. The Power Plant bar & grill (where I had a refreshing mojito) had a marble wall of switches which originally turned on power to different locations in the resort. The hallway leading to the indoor/outdoor pool area was lined with black and white photos of past guests in all their vintage glory. For us, it was like spending time in a fascinating museum. One that served cocktails and offered carriage rides! 

Our days were full of exploration, endless photo ops, chirping birds, blooming flowers, great poolside lime margaritas, wonderful warm sunshine & a cool verandah on which to rock the time away. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, it was just Todd and I traveling this time so yes, it really was relaxing as could be! I'll hold this getaway close to my heart for a long time. If you're searching for a nice relaxing weekend, a romantic getaway, or just an interesting and photogenic spot to stay this season, you really need to consider French Lick Resort.

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One post was just not large enough to share it all folks! I'll return with tales of Pluto Springs, the lovely historic downtown of French Lick & a tour of the fabulous West Baden Springs Hotel. Fancy Pants!

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