Islendingadagurinn : Icelandic Festival

Islendingadagurinn : Icelandic Festival

In a long standing tradition dating back to the inaugural festival in 1890, Gimli Manitoba's 89th annual "Islendingadagurinn" (Icelandic Festival) was held this long weekend. We took Luke, Eve and our visiting niece Sydney to check out the Viking Village where we were treated to a look into Icelandic culture. Atop a breezy hill overlooking Lake Winnipeg, the village and it's "inhabitants" set the stage for a fascinating experience.

The village was set in a circle, with people going about daily tasks that would have been preformed in a typical Viking settlement during the 9th and 10th century in Western Europe. Anyone we spoke to was very friendly and knowledgable and completely engaged the kids (and adults) with stories, demonstrations and hands on experiences. Eve was particularly interested in the wool roving that sat in sacks near a group of women weaving textiles on a loom. She was shown how a spindle works to twist the fluffy clouds of wool into a fine thread. Luke's weapon of choice was an ax on a very long handle, made to take down riders on their horses during battle. 

I'm so glad we had the chance to visit Gimli's Icelandic Festival this year. It's held every August long weekend, and includes a full weekend's worth of activities that are worth hanging around for.

Check out to see what you can expect and put next year's 90th annual Islendingadagurinn on your travel itinerary! 

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