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Winter Yurt Camping with Glamping Hub

Winter Yurt Camping with Glamping Hub

Sunday evening, after unpacking, Todd turned to me with a look of disbelief and asked how it was possible that nothing went wrong on this trip. I know exactly how he felt. We had such poor luck this summer while traveling that both of us kind of felt like the universe was telling us to just stay put. But he was right. Nothing went wrong on our snowy adventure. In fact, it was probably one of the best weekends we've had together as a family in a while.

I've written about Glamping Hub before ( see that article here ) and had been impressed just browsing the variety of accommodations and locations on their site. Everything is there, from unique tree houses to tents fitted with king sized beds, vintage trailers to beach side shacks. When the idea came up for our family to try a winter glamping experience, I was thrilled. Here was a chance to try something new while getting the kids excited about the long snowy season ahead. We chose a Glamping Hub site 3 hours away, nestled in the boreal forrest of North Western Ontario. Here, a cozy yurt was our home for the weekend.

We arrived after sunset, which happens around 5 pm this time of year. The snow forecasted back at home caught up with us minutes before we turned down a dark road, which ended in a path of fairy lights. Snowflakes drifted down as we climbed the hill to the magical tri-level yurt which is both home to our hosts and a bed and breakfast for guests. We were greeted by a warm fire and given sleds to haul our gear down a forested, snowy path to our own yurt. Walking through the darkness, the flash light illuminating the falling snow, we knew we were in for something special. The wood pellet stove had been lit and the one room building was warm and cozy as we walked in the door. 

After settling in, we returned to the host yurt for a family dinner of oven fired vegetarian pizza and spinach salad with homemade dressing. There, we took our place at the big table, music softly playing in the back ground, the room lit by candles and firelight from one of several wood stoves. Reclining into the plush sheepskins draped over our chairs I thought, "Ummm ... can we make this a regular thing?" After everyone was properly fed, we enjoyed the fire with our hosts and had some great conversation, learning about their lifestyle and getting a full tour of their handiwork. It was a special and memorable night. We returned back to our own yurt and tucked in, excited to truly see our surroundings in the light of a snowy morning.

Come dawn, we awoke to soft light filtering through the snow globe skylight above us. After a breakfast of crock pot baked apple oatmeal and blueberry bannock, we donned our warmest clothes and ventured outside. Snow was still falling, and had been all night! It was that pristine fluffy snow which makes the world look soft and bright. There was so much to explore, and with us being the only guests that weekend, we had the place to ourselves! 

The small lake which the yurt village looks upon had frozen over and our hosts assured us it was safe to walk or skate on. So, we part climbed, part slid down the snowy bank to do a lap around the lake. We were immersed in a virtual desert of cold white, surrounded by a forrest of towering coniferous trees, silent but for the echo of our own voices. 

After a hike through nearly a foot of snow, we were ready for lunch and a rest. Todd and I cut up ingredients for crock-pot vegetarian stew. Our kitchen came fully stocked with all the utensils, pots, pans, cups and bowls. The crock-pot sure came in handy! It was nice not to have to pack up all those cooking nessecities like we usually do while camping in Eggie.

Can't beat the fact that our first skate of the winter was on a private lake in the Canadian Shield. The weather was mild, and once we got our skating legs back - it was smooth gliding from there. Well, except for Eve. This is her first year on real skates. She was brave and determined though. I'm sure she'll be well on her way by the end of the season. Hey, we've got a solid 4 more months of this weather!

What a wonderful experience this was for our family. Not only have we found a new getaway, but renewed an appreciation for the beautiful part of the world we live in. Sometimes we wish for hot sand and ocean breeze, but there's nothing like a true, cold, fresh, snowy winter day. I would love for everyone to have the opportunity to experience a Canadian winter. In case you're curious, You can stay here too! Check out this winter yurt accommodation on Glamping Hub.

A follow up post is next with a few photos of the yurt we stayed in. So many photos! It was hard to put that camera down with so much to see and do!

This post and glamping experience was made possible by Glamping Hub through their partnership with Lune Blog. Visit Glampinghub.com for a huge selection of inspiring accommodations that keep you close to nature while offering you a comfortable and beautiful place to stay. Check them out on Instagram @glampinghub or by following their hashtag #glampinghub !

Inside our Yurt in Minaki , Ontario

Inside our Yurt in Minaki , Ontario

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