shop update preview

Hi. I'm back for one more round of previews before tomorrows online shop update. I'm having so much fun curating the shop these days. Getting excited about choosing which garments make the cut, taking and editing the photos, and seeing the collection grow and change. It's a slice of happiness in my world.

Both of these 70's day dresses float my boat, and are actually so similar it's as though they came from the same wardrobe. That pocket square...the ascot, come on now. Hired!

Palazzo Pantsuits! A little bit sexy power vixen, a little bit super hero, one from the 60's and the other a 70's child. Too cool for words.

The pretty peasant dress has a special place in my heart. It makes me so happy that their flower child beauty still remains 50 years after they were worn by their original owner. I wonder what stories they would tell.

Embroidered Spanish cotton dresses with tall boots and strappy bags. Pair them with knitted tights and chunky knit sweaters for fall, then bring them on vacation to get away from the cold. Man, I hope this is something I can do this year.

Around here, we had a good weekend. Celebrating our best friends birthday in my favorite pub, watching the floor move (for real), spending time with my cute nephews, and lots of couch relaxing time. I'm ready for a new week.