Hello! If you follow me on instagram (@lunevintage) you'll know I'm a big fan of the ap. It's become such a social media powerhouse, hasn't it? In some ways I feel like it takes over where blogging leaves off. The everyday images shared there give you a better idea of what real life is like for friends you meet online.

The only downside is that it's not fully available to everyone. I don't have an iphone and I probably won't ever get one. I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't have a cell phone. It might surprise you, but I actually like the old fashioned way of not taking phone calls when I'm out of the house. Sometimes it's nice to not be able to be reached, and even nicer to be far away from the lure of ... instagram. haha. Instead of an iphone to serve up the wonderful world of apple aps, I used an ipod touch. So similar to the phone, but requires wifi. In December I upgraded to an ipad mini, which I love! It's such a great device. I read through most of The Walking Dead graphic novels, and am starting on Y the Last Man.

Recently, I began brainstorming on how to offer up my vintage collection online again. I have taken a break from selling, but I'm still curating. Things are getting out of control again, just like they did after I closed up the local shop. I've been careful to only select top shelf items that are in great condition and really fit my personal taste in vintage clothing. Still, the closet is now full, and I needed an outlet ASAP.

Instagram is a social ap, but I think it has huge potential as a no frills storefront. The fact that those who are interested in your wares can follow your feed and instantly see what's available is very convenient. For the one of a kind vintage items I'm offering, I think it will do quite fine. I'm also able to list exclusively with my ipad, from photos, to editing, to publishing. It's cut down my labor considerably, thereby reducing costs per item.

I have opened a separate Instagram account for Lune's vintage collection - @luneshop. Follow me there to be one of the first to see what's in stock. Please don't be annoyed if you don't have access to an Apple or Android product which supports Instagram. I have also used Snap Widget to install a gallery here on the Lune blog. You'll see my shop gallery under SHOP US - SHOP VINTAGE. There, click on an image and use your Facebook account, yahoo, aol or hotmail account to comment. If none of that floats your boat, email me directly to claim an item at

We're getting into a great season for spring cleaning. This is always my best time of year for digging up the best vintage. I just love it, and hope I can scout out something perfect for your spring/summer wardrobe.