About us

Hello, my name is Jill Munro, author of the Lune Travels blog. My family and I (Todd, Luke and Eve) live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 7 years ago we purchased a vintage 1976 Boler camper trailer when we found ourselves taking an interest in camping as a young family. The Lune Blog soon became a place to share photography and stories from our day trips, camping excursions, and vacations abroad.

I have become very passionate about blogging our story from the perspective of a working, middle class, Canadian family who loves to make the most of our weekends and vacation time. I love planning each itinerary to include as much exploration and learning opportunities for our children as possible. This includes finding interesting places to stay, local spots to eat, and touring the less beaten path to really get to know our new surroundings. I aim to show our readers that travel is fun and exciting with children, and that you should never shy away from a challenge when adventure is the reward.

Working with Lune

The Lune Travel Blog is an established independent publication which is entering it's 11th year. I am an experienced blogger who can be trusted to produce quality articles, complete with full documentation of each experience, high quality photography, and social media integration. If you're looking for an enthusiastic, energetic, North American family to introduce your product, service or accommodation to an audience, drop us an email. We have appeared in live, published and produced media, written articles for magazines and e-courses, completed many product and service reviews and worked with tourism boards. I am pleased to provide samples and references upon request.

Author-Blogger, Jill Munro

Email : luneblog@icloud.com